air conditioning

Car Air Conditioning Skegness

Burdett’s garage offers a complete air conditioning service on R134A gas from re-gas to repair. Car manufactures recommend air conditioning is serviced every 2 years.

Servicing your Air con will ensure being efficient during the summer months and it’s also useful during the winter months as the system creates dry warm air and this de-mist your car windscreen more quickly.

The standard air conditioning service consists of:

  • Refrigerant recovery
  • Recharge with R134a refrigerant and oil for lubricant.
  • Should any future leaks occur, we add UV dye to the system allowing for leaks to be detected under a UV lamp and we can for leaks using nitrogen test.

Please note: We are currently unable to re-gas Hybrid and vehicles with the new gas R1234YF.


A detailed estimate for any job is always possible, with no extra work done without customer approval.