useful information

Useful Information

Service Record

For servicing records; if your vehicle has a service book please leave the book visible on the passage seat or hand it in at reception for us to stamp. For digital service records we have access to all the manufacturers databases so we update your service details.

Locking Wheel Nuts

In order to remove wheels, most vehicles have locking wheel nuts, please leave the locking key visible on the passage seat or hand it in at reception. If you unsure where it is, we can help you locate it.

New Batteries

When fitting a new battery, certain models will require a radio code to reset the radio and require programming. Please leave the code visible on passage seat or hand it in at reception. For re-programming we use diagnostic equipment.

Instructions for work

Try to give clear (written, if possible) instructions of all work you require on your vehicle.

Inform us of any know faults when booking your vehicle in (no need to worry about being technical) if you hear knocks, taps, squeaks or bangs when driving please tell us.

Diesel MOT Test

If your vehicle is in for an MOT test and is Diesel, the emissions test requires the tester to accelerate the engine.

If your vehicle cambelt has not been replaced at the manufactures recommend intervals please inform when booking vehicle in, as this could cause damage to engine.


A detailed estimate for any job is always possible, with no extra work done without customer approval.